Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Watermelon hair clips

(1- seedless/flower)

(2- pink/green with seeds)

(3- green and red)

So I need your help with trying to decide which watermelon hair clip to do. These clips just keep evolving in my head and I have finally decided that I should just stick to one kind. So if you could just decide which of the 3 you like, that would help me out lots.
*Let me know which colors you like best
*with our with out seeds
*with or with out flower
Note that all 3 are different sizes..... Once I'm done and decide which one I want to keep... I will make it available in two different sizes (infant, big girl)


So go and vote!


Just another SAHM said...

The middle one - pink/green w/seeds is just adorable! The detail you add to these hair clips is fabulous!

Kristi said...

I like them all but I like the one in the middle the best.
These are the cutest hair clips I have seen in a long time!